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How two thoughts came together

A well-known fashion brand asked us to produce a special batch of Eska®board for them.

A global player in the fashion industry asked us to produce a special batch of Eska®board for them: they wanted us to laminate Eska®board with their lining paper inline, that is on the board machine. This request was new to Eska, but a simple challenge being a 130 years in the business. Working on this project we immediately achieved considerable cost savings. 


They wanted to have this batch of Eska®board produced and supplied for their new collection. They asked us to laminate selected paper from their supplier on Eska®board inline, that is directly on our board machine. This request was new to Eska, but we took the challenge in full confidence.

Special lining paper

We prepared our board machine for laminating the external liner onto our board. As usual, we paid extra attention to flatness and surface quality. This is how we managed to laminate the selected liner onto our product. We supplied the laminated board to two local box manufacturers, selected by this well-known fashion brand. They immediately converted it into luxury boxes.

Efficient and sustainable

The fashion brand managed to eliminate one process step in the box making production. How? In the development process we worked together with the customer and the other parties. This enabled us to develop a top-quality product efficiently and sustainably and in an extremely short period of time. By looking inventively for solutions whenever challenges arose, we created a unique product. 

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