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Thinking about the future together

30 June 2017

At Eska we have started a project in collaboration with Q-Consult Progress Partners. This project is called "Eska in 10 years". It encourages employees to think about the mill of the future. We are well aware that the board market will change significantly in 2, 5 or 10 years. And we have to change with it. 

kick off project with fun, inspiration and cooperation
kick off project with fun, inspiration and cooperation

Kick off project

Kick off project


The project takes place in the form of a competition. There are four teams consisting of 5 or 6 Eska employees each. The teams consist of employees of different ages in order to enhance the learning effect, stimulate cooperation and combine new knowledge and experience for the best results.


In the next months, the teams will be brainstorming, doing research, working out, visualizing and presenting their plans for the future in several sessions. In between they will be busy with desk research, external research and communication about their project.

Customers and suppliers

The future not only affects Eska, but also our customers and suppliers. What will happen to our customers in 10 years' time? What are their future needs and requirements? And what will the cooperation with suppliers look like in 2027? In order to come up with durable solutions, the teams will involve customers, suppliers and relevant experts in this project.


Finally, the ideas will be presented to a jury at the award ceremony on 31 October. The jury will consist of Eska employees and external relations. The team with the highest score on criteria such as creativity, sustainability and feasibility will be the winner of the competition. 

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Bart Fokkens or Melvin Peemen.