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Eska nominated for a LuxePack in Green Trophy

We’re in sustainable luxury

9 August 2016

Eska®black got off to a flyer. From the day of its introduction, this new product has been in demand by luxury brands in sectors including fashion, jewellery & watches, and premium consumer electronics. EskaBlack is a break-through when it comes to the environment too, as this solid board ensures that luxury goes hand in hand with sustainability. In doing so it earned itself a nomination for the LuxePack in Green Trophy. 

New brands, new markets

The new product Eska®black is a smash hit. It has brought Eska into contact with new brands, new markets and new players to work with. We made a name for ourselves in the exclusive circle of brand owners, designers and converters that make packaging for products such as fashion, perfumes, jewellery and watches, and premium consumer electronics.

We still play our trusted role of supplier of a top-quality solid board, but we also sit around the table with brand owners, designers and converters to share our knowledge and experience. Together we arrive at innovative concepts for luxury packaging. 

Eska®black - luxurious and sustainable

The ground-breaking aspect of Eska®black is that in this board luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. All this led to Eska's nomination for this year's LuxePack in Green Trophy, a prestigious award used by the LuxePack Monaco organisation to encourage sustainable business operations in packaging.