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Deep-black and sustainable

Luxury packaging exudes care and dedication. It caresses the eye and invites to touch. Packaging with an alluring design is the introduction of a top quality product. The material for such a packaging has to comply with those characteristics. Eska®black is deep-black and was developed for the luxury packaging industry. It pushes boundaries and was developed without concessions.

Eska®black is 100% black and feels good in every possible way. It is sturdy and invites you to look and touch. Eska®black has excellent converting properties and can be processed with a range of techniques to produce distinctive products with a luxury look and feel.

Luxury with the least possible impact on the environment

Why are we proud of Eska®black? The highest quality, the deepest black, the best feel... and yet a minimal impact on the environment. Eska®black consists of three layers; it has a core of 100% recycled fibres that is sandwiched between two deep-black glossy layers. The perfect protection for your brand.

Eska®black is used in packaging for:

  • Beauty products and cosmetics
  • High-end electronics
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Fashion
  • Wine and spirits 

Quality characteristics

  • Lays flat and stays flat
  • High rigidity
  • Optimum runability
  • Easy to cut, die cut, crease, score, gouge, mill, punch, drill and emboss/deboss


Eska®black is available in calipers from 1.00 mm (0.040") up to and including 2.00 mm (0.080").


  • Large sheets are available in any size from 500 x 500 mm (19 11/16 x 19 11/16") to 1200 x 1600 mm (47 1/4 x 63").
    larger sizes on request
  • Rotary cut sizes are available in any size from 100 x 150 mm (3 15/16 x 5 29/32) to 480 x 1370 mm (18 29/32 x 53 15/16").
  • Die cut sizes and shapes on request

Download the free white paper: Eska®black and sustainability

With our new product Eska®black we simply created a new benchmark for deep-black luxury packaging. We also prove that luxury does not have to be harmful to the environment by definition. Discover this in our free white paper!

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Premium brands call for premium packaging

It is a great honour that some of the most desired brands in the world use Eska®black in their packaging.

Unique properties, endless possibilities

Eska®black is used in products with one or two black sides and products showing the inner black board at the cutting edge. It is therefore perfectly suited for use in luxury packaging for beauty products and cosmetics, high-end electronics, jewellery and watches, textiles and clothing, and wine and spirits. Eska®black is made with recycled material; luxury and sustainability now go hand in hand.

Razor-sharp corners

Deep black color

Inner black board becomes visible at the cutting edge

Excellent enhancing possibilities to stand out

The anatomy of Luxury

Eska®black is a three-layer board consisting of an inner layer made from 100% recycled fibres with deep black and glossed liners on both sides. Together, these three layers contain at least 70% recycled fibres. The new product is available in calipers from 1.00 - 2.00 mm.

Deep black and glossed liner made from virgin fibers

Black board made from 100% recycled fibers

Deep black and glossed liner made from virgin fibers

Eska®black can be used in different ways

This makes Eska®black perfect for premium rigid boxes and interiors, as it will show the luxury products inside to full advantage. Eska’s experts can give you advice on all the possibilities Eska®black offers.

Foil blocking
Foil blocking
Gouging techniques for...
Gouging techniques for...
... extra sharp edges
... extra sharp edges
Screen printing
Screen printing

Technical specifications (indication)

Product Caliper According to
ISO 534
Grammage According to
ISO 536
Dynamic stiffness According to
ISO 5629
Bursting Strength According to
ISO 2759
COBB60 According to
ISO 535
 Eska®black mm / inches * gsm MDmNm CDmNm topkPa bottomkPa max topg/m²/60sec max bottomg/m²/60sec
1.00 / 0.040" 715 335 220 1200 1200 25 25
1.25 / 0.050" 880 590 390 1200 1195 25 25
1.50 / 0.060" 1015 970 615 1285 1315 25 25
1.75 / 0.070" 1190 1910 1060 1890 1770 25 25
2.00 / 0.080" 1370 2245 1290 1990 1855 25 25

* Eska®black is produced in mm; the inches in the list are not exact conversions of the calipers in mm,  but the closest US equivalent.

Specifications Units Tolerances Test methods
Colour L-niveau 25 +/- 1 CIE-Lab
Caliper See above mm < 1.5 mm
> = 1.5 mm
+/- 0.05 mm (pallet average)
+/- 3% (pallet average)
ISO 534
Size mm Sheets
Rotary cut
Die cut
+/- 1 mm
+/- 0.25 mm
+/-0.2 mm
Flatness 0 % Convex



CD max. 1.5%
MD max. 1.0%
CD max. 1.0%
MD max. 1.0%
CD - sheets < 1 m. max. 3 mm
- sheets > 1 m. max. 5 mm
MD max. 3 mm
Moisture content Eska black 8.0% abs. % -1.5 % / +1.0% (pallet average) ISO 287

Product certificates

  • FSC® mix (CU-COC-809179)
  • PEFC recycled (CU-PEFC-809179)

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