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Survey: packaging in the whisky market

Please take a zip of your finest brand. It will take only five minutes to fill in this survey.

Eska is the leading global manufacturer of sustainable solid board for a wide variety of industries and applications. 
We invited decision makers in the whisky industry to participate to improve our products and services to the industry. 
The end results will be shared with all participants. 

High quality materials and solutions - whilst using the best in sustainable technologies - that inspire creators to develop captivating and durable products that provide a better whisky experience.

Eska believes in the power of knowledge and experience. People make the difference. By encouraging teamwork and developing specialisms, we increase the added value we provide together. By combining questions and challenges that were presented by our clients, Eska creates interesting solutions for solid board. 
Eska is the leading global manufacturer of sustainable solid board for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our solid board is used in over 60% of all the whisky boxes in de UK.


We work to raise the knowledge and use of sustainable processes to a higher level. Together we are working on efficiency improvements. 
Therefore we are curious to know how the market is developing. Will sustainability produce major synergies? Would you like to participate and answer a few questions? All the participants will receive the Whitepaper ‘Trends and Opportunities for Future Growth within the Luxury Packaging Market ‘Whisky’.