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Chris de Jonge

Chemical / Physical Analysis

My name is Chris and I’m 21. By now, I’ve finished by internship at ESKA for the degree programme in chemical/physical analysis (secondary vocational education, level 4) and, by completing my internship, I’ve received my diploma. The next step is to continue my education in September when I start studying chemistry at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen University of Applied Sciences. In addition to my study programme, I’ll be playing football and pursuing my interest in the natural sciences.

My degree programme requires a 5-month internship. After consulting my internship advisor, I decided on an internship in a lab at ESKA. Initially, the name ESKA didn’t ring any bells. I was not sure what kind of company ESKA was, and what activities its lab was involved in besides water treatment? But as my internship progressed, I learned more and more about ESKA as a company and its product.

As a fourth-year intern, I had to complete an internship project within my training company. I chose ESKA based on the kind of internship project I wanted to do and also based on my plans for the future. My project focused on finding the possible cause for the foam formationon the Winschoterdiep that began in November 2018 and writing a possible conclusion about this. This really appealed to me because I very much enjoy thinking in terms of solving problems. Thanks to this project, I could develop my approach to research and the thought processes it requires.