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Erik Mulder

Investigation on improvement of the current report techniques

My name is Erik Mulder, I’m 20 years old and I live in Oude Pekela. I am a fourth-year student in Business Economics at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. I chose the programme because I have always been good with figures. As well as figures, I am also very interested in control systems and the best way to manage the various information flows within organizations. As a graduate intern, I will be working with the control department. My hobbies are football, fitness and keeping up to date with news about the automotive sector and sports.

I had already heard of Eska, as a company. I was also looking specifically for a manufacturing company. In the past six months, Eska has also been featured in the news because of the repositioning of its brand and identity. And, of course, because it won the Groningen Enterprise Award in 2016. All this made me very interested in Eska, so I contacted the company to discuss the possibilities.

I’ll be working in the Controlling Department on improving the current system of production reporting. I’m looking forward to working with everybody in the team and while I’m working here I’d like to develop both my professional skills and my communication skills. I hope to make a significant contribution to improving and automating production reporting. On a personal level, I also hope to gain my degree in business economics at the end of my internship.