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Gerben Zandberg

Mechanical Engineering

I'm Gerben Zandberg - son of Folkert Zandberg, ex-Eekels - 22 years old, and I study mechanical engineering at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. I have chosen to focus my study on System Design and now do an internship in the other direction, Product Design. My first internship, at Newthex Sappemeer, also focused on product design. For my minor, I studied programming in Furtwangen, Germany for 6 months.

I tried to ask as many people around me as possible if they knew of a place to do an internship. A lot of people had ideas about that, including A. v/d Aa. He told me that a lot of HBO projects are also done at Eska. Eska is nearby (I live in Zuidbroek) and is a mid-size company in the industry. That’s what I wanted from an internship company. So, after a somewhat difficult start, I ended up at Eska via him.

To graduate, I'm going to research the functionality of the step screen that has to clean the sewage water, because it turns out that it costs an excessive amount in maintenance. In addition to improving the step screen, I also hope to find out how I like working in a larger company.