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Jarno Steursma

ICT Department

My name is Jarno Steursma, I’m 21 years old and I live in Sappemeer. Currently, I'm in the last year of level 4 ICT Administrator training at the Regional Training Centre Alfa-College in Groningen. I have to do a 5 month internship to obtain my diploma. I selected Eska for this internship. In my spare time I enjoy working out and working with computers. 

I’m familiar with Eska because I live in Sappemeer and Eska is a household name in the region. I have applied at ESKA because it’s a big company with branches abroad. This makes Eska a nice challenge for me to develop myself. Eska also immediately came up with an idea for a final project that seemed really interesting to me.

In order to satisfactorily complete my internship, I have to write an internship report about the first 10 weeks of my internship. This is where I describe my daily work. I also have to do my aptitude tests at Eska. This means that I must develop and implement a piece of software in Eska’s ICT department. I also hope to gain technical ICT knowledge during my internship that I can use in my continuing education.