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Juan Cantos

Supply Chain 

My name is Juan Cantos Mayorga. I am 25 years old, and am currently studying for my master’s degree in Supply Chain Management at the University of Groningen. Originally from Spain, I lived in several countries before arriving in the Netherlands, where I have now been living very happily for two years already. Despite the weather, this is a fantastic country full of culture, history and opportunities. In my free time I love to go climbing, both indoors and outdoors, and whenever I have a few days off I usually make short trips with my friends to visit new places.  

I had already heard of Eska through a colleague who wrote her bachelor thesis with them, but I came to know the company through Mr. Van de Kooi and Marja de Jong. I attended a company dating event organized by my school’s association, and the Eska stand drew my attention right away. Harry Potter and Dan Brown books, expensive liquor packaging, popular board games - the appeal was instant! After a few minutes talking with the representatives, I was convinced that I wanted to know more about the organization.

With the help of the great team at Eska, I am writing my thesis about sustainability and decision-making in supply chains. Although it is a well-known fact that is important for businesses to take care of the planet, their workers and society, economic motives and competitive pressure often lead managers to make less sustainable choices. My research seeks to find ways to encourage firms to become more sustainable and help create a better future.