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Lilis Kromojahjo

Intern laboratory technician

My name is Lilis Kromojahjo. I was born in Hoogezand 23 years ago and have been living here ever since. I am currently a student at Noorderpoort College, where I am studying to be a laboratory technician. I am now in my last year (actually my last six months!) of my study programme, and in order to obtain my diploma, I am required to undertake a 5-month work placement, which is where ESKA stepped in.

Because I live in Hoogezand, I sometimes drive past ESKA in Hoogezand, so I am already aware of ESKA. Last June, my mentor told all work placement students about what work placement positions were available. ESKA was one of the options and stood out to me straight away! I told my mentor immediately. In the end, I was given the opportunity to complete my study programme at ESKA.

In order to pass my work placement, I am required to undertake a number of tasks, including writing a work placement report containing a research question, on which I will begin working. A further aim of the work placement is to gain a better understanding of the duties of a laboratory technician. During the time I spend at ESKA, I hope to acquire plenty of experience in the laboratory that I will be able to use in my further career.