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Paul Volkers

Market Research into the American, French and Spanish markets

My name is Paul Volkers. I am 24 years old and I come from a small village called Driebergen. I’m currently in the final year of International Applied Business Administration at Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden. I hope to complete my last year with a successful internship at Eska. I’ve been living in Groningen for six years, and my hobbies are football, kick boxing and hockey.

I’d been looking for an internship at an internationally oriented company since last January. That’s because I wanted to complete my internship abroad in order to gain more international experience. I approached Eska because my father had told me about a factory in Hoogezand which is active in the same sector as he works in. He put me in touch with Mr. van der Kooi and those were the first steps towards my internship here.

My internship will involve research into the US, French and Spanish markets. I'm going to be doing a detailed market survey that will include looking at Eska’s agents. I also hope to learn about the most efficient way to approach customers and what influence cultural differences can make within the business process. This is a wonderful opportunity for personal development through working in these three different countries and I think it’s going to be an experience that stays with me for the rest of my life.